Solar Battery Backup Services

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Solar Battery Backup

Solar Battery Backup Services
Always have power in your home.

A solar battery backup system is a storage space for the excess electricity generated by your solar system. When the sun sets, the energy stored in the battery can power the home at night, making you independent from the utility.

You’ll no longer need to worry about blackouts, your battery backup system will allow your solar to remain on. Once you pay off your solar energy system and back up, you have free power for the rest of your life.
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How Solar Works & 
What It Offers You

Your home may not need all the energy that is being produced by your solar panels, so any excess energy can be stored in your solar battery backup. Without this battery, your excess energy will go back to the grid, meaning your solar power is going back to the electric company. With a battery, you have the option to connect to both the battery and the grid, or just the battery, which is extremely useful when in an area that is “off-grid.”

Listed are four types of batteries for solar systems.
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Lead Acid Battery

- Traditional & Common 
- Reliable & Affordable 
- Requires Frequent Check's

Lithium-Ion Battery

- Quickly Rising Top Choice 
- Long-Lasting & No Maintenance 
- Higher Cost But Rapidly Decreasing

Nickel Cadmium Battery

- Best for Commercial Properties
- Simple System
- Withstands Extreme Temps

Flow Batteries

- Massive Storage
- New Tech & Hush Cost
- Best for Commercial Properties and Solar Farms

What Homeowners Are Saying

Richard Eldredge
Richard Eldredge
Randy of Raven Solar Services labored tirelessly to install and create a Solar back up battery system in my home. He was very professional and did not cease to do his best work.
Jerry Kilfoyle
Jerry Kilfoyle
Raven Solar was a first class experience for the installation of our 8kw solar system. Randy was very thorough from start to finish helping us by answering all our questions and taking care of the paperwork required by Santa Clara City. I would highly recommend Raven Solar to anyone looking to add a solar system to their home.
Richard Rein
Richard Rein
Enjoyable, set up and maintains our solar and battery system. Outstanding service, I am happy.
Terry Hickman
Terry Hickman
We had a positive experience with Raven Solar. They were able to get everything from start to operational with 2 months. We had previous experience with a company that took several months and still did not get to the point of installation of the panels. Randy with Raven Solar was excellent to work with, very professional.
jen english
jen english
Randy with Raven Solar was great to work with. Raven Solar was very responsive and always answered the phone or got back to me immediately. They kept me updated regularly on the status of the project. This was an easy no hassle project. I highly recommend them.
Janelle Peratis
Janelle Peratis
My experience with Raven Solar was amazing. From the Women I spoke with to set up the appointment to explain the process of adding a solar system to my home was the easiest I've ever experienced. The Information about solar was easily explained and In felt very comfortable with how the install would take place. I Can highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking to lower their electric costs especially in the summer. All of the employees of Raven Solar were amazing, and Washington City and my HOA was fully on board. I am all set now what a great feeling to be capturing the power of the sun to save the environment and our planet.
Cynthia Holman-Schmidt
Cynthia Holman-Schmidt
Great price, great service, smooth installation..
Karen Walker
Karen Walker
This company was right on the mark they stayed in touch weekly if not more letting me know what was happening and what was next .. the job got done in record time and everyone was great to work with.. we couldn’t be happier and I think it’s super cool that we are using the sun for energy., and it’s so much cheaper.. if your having doubts don’t.. give this company your business you will be writing a review like mine in a short time!!
Kathy Whittaker
Kathy Whittaker
Randy Ventura has been very helpful and accommodating. He has gone was above and beyond the call of duty. We have been very pleased with his help and service. He is always positive and willing to do whatever is needed to facilitate the completed installation and use of our solar panel system. Thank you so much Randy for all your help and being so positive. Sincerely, Lynn and Kathy Whittaker

When will I see a return on my investment?

Immediately upon the installation of your solar energy system, you will notice a reduced monthly utility bill, which will decrease even more significantly with a solar battery backup. In the first year, you can see up to an 18% ROI and you will receive a 26% tax credit.

What happens when I move?

When you move, you can roll the price of the system into the cost of the house. In return, you will pay off the system they now get for free, and it will offset the new owner's energy consumption by roughly 76%. The warranty is 100% transferable to the new homeowner.

How long does the solar system installation take?

Your free installation can take between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the size of your solar energy system.

How do I find the usage of solar panels versus the usage of utility?

Raven Solar Services uses software that provides usage via panels versus utility to help you see how much you can save. It’s easy to be skeptical of any product that promises to save you money, so we want you to feel confident in knowing that this is a great investment for you.

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At Raven Solar Services, we take pride in providing our customers with a 5-star experience and world-class installation and learning from the mistakes of other solar companies. Experience with solar should focus on you, the customer. We promise 100% visibility, shortened timelines, constant communication, and a catered experience.
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