September 7, 2022

What Is The Federal Solar Tax Credit?

The federal solar tax credit assists in lowering your overall cost of energy by showing how much your system will reduce your costs over its lifetime.


Over time you save more money with a solar power system than you spend on buying electricity since other expenses remain the same (or worsen).


Please take advantage of your savings to pay for your system and keep even more in your pocket.


Reduce your electric bill with rooftop solar panels.


Whether you’re considering adding solar power to your home or planning to do so, the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act of 2017 help you lower your electricity bill from the cost of running your system.


The government provides a special tax credit for each customer who installs eligible renewable energy systems like wind or solar energy generation, helping people get up front the capital to make their homes more sustainable.



Feel the benefits of clean energy.


Solar energy is becoming more affordable daily, so it’s easier than ever to harness clean power from the sun. With solar panels installed in your home or business, you can efficiently produce electricity.


Or, with an investment in solar equipment, you can help cut down on environmental pollution by not having to rely on dirty fuel sources for your energy needs.



Help combat global warming.


Solar energy is one of the most sustainable forms of power, requiring an annual supply cost of zero while generating clean electricity free of charge for life.


However, the reality is that our current energy system creates lots of pollution, which has adverse effects on everyone’s health. By using more renewable energy, you can reduce your family’s environmental impact significantly by helping to prevent emissions associated with coal and nuclear plants.



Support local businesses.


The Solar Tax Credit helps installers like you by giving them access to some of the world’s best, most affordable solar panels. You can have the same chance at having a clean energy source for your home with support from your friends at Raven Solar Services!



Take advantage of reduced electricity rates.


The Tax Credit reduces the cost of your solar energy system, so you can get better pricing and install help along the way. And since the amount of the credit grows each year, we’ve been able to cut our costs too!

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