July 6, 2022

What Is The Lifespan Of Residential Solar Panels

Solar energy has been around for decades, but in the last few years, it’s become a more viable option for many people looking to reduce their environmental footprint and lower their utility bills.


When you think of renewable energy, images may come to mind like windmills or solar arrays. But another way to consider adding green power to your home is by purchasing “environmental paneling,” also known as solid-state lighting. These technologies allow homeowners to use existing wiring in their homes and buildings instead of having to run new lines.


The first solar panels were expensive and less efficient, which made them out of reach of most people. But over time, technology has improved significantly.


Solar power has become more affordable in recent years, and will continue to grow more accessible as time goes on. In 2015, the cost of solar panel systems was estimated at $1 per watt (plus installation), down from about $2 per watt just five years earlier. And experts predict that 2017 will see even larger decreases in price, maybe as low as $0.77 per watt. While it may be a while before you can actually get your hands on a free solar panel system, with some patience and effort you can likely save money in the meantime.


These days, solar panels are incredibly cheap when you look at the total costs over their lifetime.


Solar power becomes cheaper to maintain over time as the cost of equipment increases. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), rooftop solar panels have become so inexpensive that they’re worth keeping even if they don’t produce energy right now. NREL found in 2014 that when considering capital and maintenance costs, paying for a panel that doesn't give you back today is still a good deal because it reduces your future expenses.


Solar panels should last more than 25 years. Most older solar panels are still functional and working at expected capacity. 

The best way to maintain your solar equipment is to avoid harsh conditions. Put your panels in a dry area with protection from dust and weathering elements. Every year you should get regular maintenance, including cleaning and annual inspection. The company installing your solar energy systems should schedule this with you. If you feel the need to remove an old model or install a new one, you can also contact us using the information below. 

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