July 16, 2022

What States Have Solar Power Incentives

Arizona, California, Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Washington state all have some form of solar energy incentive available, so do research ahead of time to make sure your choice of the state is right for you.


Where you live will determine which federal tax credit you can claim, as well as how much money you can save. The latest income limits were announced in May 2016, so if you’re looking to submit an application this month, know that you may not qualify for these benefits. Tax credits vary by state, so check out our guide to find out more about whether your state offers them here.


Be sure to also look into tax credits and grants as well that can help you out in your home renovation.


Like any major change to your house, considering a move to green energy is costly. But there are plenty of ways to help out and get discounts on things like appliances and electronics. Plus, if you’re looking for an easy way to raise some money, buying a new appliance or gadget can be a great way to start!


Finally, if you live in a state with clean air standards like Nevada or Oregon, then a solar-powered home may be perfect for you!


You’ll need to check your local rules and regulations but generally speaking, homes built in these states will be allowed to connect to the grid rather than having to install an array. This means that instead of spending thousands of dollars building and installing a brand new energy system, you can use old items around your house to put together an affordable solution.


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